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  • Locations: Valladolid, Spain
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Program Description:

In the interest of better preparing future Spanish-speaking professionals, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in cooperation with the Office of International Education and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education will offer the 57th Annual Pennsylvania-Valladolid Study in Spain program. This academic program, beginning in January 2019, will encourage future Spanish-speaking professionals, at minimum cost, to spend a period of twenty weeks immersed in Spanish culture and language at the University of Valladolid.

To participate

A minimum of 10 college credit hours in Spanish, or equivalent, will be required (IUP students need at least SPAN 260), and applicants must be able to follow lectures in Spanish without major difficulty. Participants will be placed in classes at the beginning of the program according to their level as determined by a test given the first day. The 57th Annual Pennsylvania-Valladolid Study in Spain Program dates are January 9 - May 17, 2019.

When you come back from studying in Valladolid, most likely you will be one semester away from finishing the Spanish major.


The cost of the program is $9,420 for a double room, $10,030 for a single room. This fee will pay for the tuition and examination fees in Valladolid; supervision by a resident director; tutorials; medical insurance; room and board; laundry; field trips. The program fee does not cover the airfare to and from Madrid, nor the bus tickets Madrid-Valladolid (they would be around $1,400.00 total).

There is a $350 Study Abroad Charge assessed by the IUP Office of International Education.The Study Abroad Charge is payable by credit card on your studioabroad application and is due before your formal interview with the Study Abroad Office. 

IUP refund policy

Students totally withdrawing from the program will forfeit a portion of the Study Abroad Charge in accordance with the following schedule:

Withdrawal on calendar Percentage of student’s total day basis semester charges to be forfeited
4 days prior to the start of classes through 14..........................100% (no refund)
15 through 21.............................................50%
22 through 28.............................................40%
29 through 35.............................................30%
36 or beyond...............................................20%
Refunds for students receiving financial assistance from scholarships, loans, and/or grants will be returned to the source of aid in accordance with the provisions prescribed by the funding source. Insurance, field trips, and round-trip from Madrid to Valladolid are not refundable.


Participants will study at the Centro de Idiomas of the University of Valladolid for a period of five months and will take the following courses:

SPAN 382 Contemporary Spain 3 cr.
This course gives students a general view of Spain today in the areas of its society, economy, and political institutions and of the drastic changes from a dictatorial state to a democratic society and how these changes affect the economy of Spain and, in particular, its membership in the European Union.

SPAN 383 Geography and History of Spain 3 cr.
Students will be introduced to a panorama of the Spanish physical, social, and economic geography, including the autonomic division of the country and the communication among the autonomies. Students also will be exposed to the history of Spain from the fifteenth century to the present with special emphasis on today’s Spain.

SPAN 384 History of Spanish Art 3 cr.
Students will be exposed to the richness of art in the Iberian Peninsula and in particular in the area of Madrid and Castilla-León. They will study the evolution of Spanish art in history, giving more emphasis to contemporary tendencies and in particular those of Goya, Picasso, Miró, and Dalí, and modern manifestations of civil and religious architecture.

SPAN 385 Survey of Spanish Literature 3 cr.
Students will be introduced to a general study of Spanish literature from its origin to the present time. Students will learn to appreciate and analyze the different literary genres. Emphasis will be placed on twentieth-century literature and in particular on the literature of the transition and the new trends in today’s literature.

SPAN 389 Theory and Practice of the Spanish Language 3 cr.
The students will study Spanish syntax and morphology and the Spanish lexicon. They will be introduced to familiar and formal conversation and to idiomatic expressions used in everyday situations. The emphasis of this course will be on both oral and written forms and on becoming familiar with characteristics of literary and media jargon.

SPAN 482 Independent Study 3 cr.
This is an opportunity to engage in an in-depth analysis of some topics dealing with Spanish language or culture through consultation with and direction from a University of Valladolid professor. At the end of the six-week period, the student will present a research paper on the topic selected.  The student will have access to various departments and specialized libraries.


All students will meet three hours a week after classes with a Spanish tutor in order to develop more fluency and fluidity.


IUP will allow successful participants a total of 18 credits toward graduation or permanent certification. IUP students will have grades from their courses recorded on their transcripts. For other students, credits will be transferred to their home institution. Students from institutions other than IUP should discuss the acceptance of these credits with their own institutions.


University officials at Valladolid and the directors will arrange housing. The students will live in private homes where all meals will be provided and laundry service is included.

Medical Insurance

All students will be covered by a most comprehensive health insurance plan. This plan will cover unlimited visits to most doctors’ offices in Valladolid, medication, lab tests, and procedures due to illness and/or accident. Coverage will also include dental care because of emergency and/or accident.  Should it become necessary for a student to enter a hospital for further treatment, the coverage will again be unlimited. Each participant will receive a detailed description of this comprehensive coverage.


At the University of Valladolid, the official responsible for the program is Dr. Nieves Mendizábal de la Cruz. The group leaving for Spain in January will be accompanied by Dr. Lydia Rodríguez, Facutly-leader of the program for IUP. She will remain with the group for approximately one week in order to help with the adjustment to Spanish academic and social life.

Supplementary information

Participants will receive updated information regularly. Orientation meetings will be held at IUP for those who can attend. Additional orientation meetings will be held in Spain. Authorities, in both Valladolid and Pennsylvania, have a history of making the program a complete success. However, it must be recognized that the students are young women and men who should assume the primary responsibility for their personal and academic welfare.

All students will need to have a current passport by September 2018 in order to obtain a student visa from the Consulate General of Spain in New York. A representative of the IUP Office of International Education will travel to New York in order to obtain student visas. The University of Valladolid will not accept students who do not have the required visa. More information will be provided to applicants in the fall.


Valladolid, at one time capital of Spain, is one of the most historic and attractive cities of Old Castile. The university was founded in 1346 and has a long tradition of excellence in scholarship. Valladolid possesses, in addition to its extraordinary architecture, one of the finest museums of sculpture in the world.  Valladolid is located northwest of Madrid and has a population of over 400,000 with a climate that is pleasant in the spring and fall, warm during the summer and cold in winter. The favorable location of Valladolid permits a number of excursions to cities such as Segovia, Salamanca, Ávila, Burgos, Madrid, Toledo, and others which can be reached within hours.

The Centro de Idiomas

All classes are held in the modern installations of the Centro de Idiomas, housed on the newly built Campus Miguel Delibes of the Universidad de Valladolid.  The classrooms are well-equipped, and there are both a modern language laboratory and a computer lab available to students.  In addition, the Centro is equipped with wi-fi to which students have access if they bring their own computers.

This program is currently not accepting applications.