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How to Begin

Ready to start learning about how to change your life?  Here are some first steps you should do:


Choosing your Education Abroad Program

Selecting the most appropriate program for your needs is very important. To do so, you need to know yourself, your personal goals, and your individual expectations. To ensure that you have the most positive experience abroad, you should research all of the exciting options available to you.

The IUP Education Abroad Office website is a great tool to assist you in narrowing down your choices based on the following considerations:

  • How much time do you want to spend abroad? We offer summer, semester, and academic year programs.
  • What are your primary academic goals for your experience abroad? Do you need to take courses for your major or can you take general electives? Do you have a language requirement to fulfill?
  • What are your cost considerations? Do you use federal financial aid? Do you receive scholarships or tuition waivers?
  • Are you looking for a program that will offer in-depth cultural immersion in a particular culture or society? Or would you prefer a traveling program?
  • Do you want a program in which you will take university classes with local students in the local language? Or would you prefer to take classes designed specifically for IUP students and/or other U.S. education abroad students?
  • Would you prefer to live in a major metropolitan area or in a small city or rural area?
  • Would you prefer to live with a host family, with local students, with other U.S. and international study abroad students, or with other IUP students?
  • Do you have any special needs such as a medical condition, learning disability, mental health condition or dietary restriction that may need accommodation or specialized resources while abroad?
  • Do you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for education abroad and the admission requirements for your selected study abroad programs?

IMPORTANT!  To maintain your enrollment status at IUP, receive credit towards your degree and use qualifying financial aid to help pay for your program, you must coordinate your education abroad experience through IUP's Office of International Education (OIE).
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